Zappa cover

Titre de livre: Zappa cover

Éditeur: Le Layeur Editions

ISBN: 2915126348

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Zappa cover

  • Halloween Night 1977
  • Frank Zappa & les mères de l'invention
  • Frank Zappa & la dînette de chrome
  • Feeding the Monkies at Ma Maison
  • Chicago '78
  • Eat that question: frank zappa in his own words (EAT THAT QUESTION: FRANK ZAPPA EN SUS PROPIAS PALABRAS (VOS)- DVD -, Importé d'
  • The Lumpy Money Project/Object (coffret 3CD)
  • Little Dots
  • Meat Light: the Uncle Meat Project/Object
  • Greasy Love Songs - Tirage Limité